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I bought the tablet for my son which didn't even look like the one pictured on the website.I ordered the product on the 5th of December and had to call them a week and a half later because the website still had pending on the order.

When I called, the sales person sold me a longer battery and warranty and then let the order go. A couple days later, I received the order, wrapped it, and placed it under the tree for Christmas morning. After opening it and playing around on it, we realized that the screen was not always responding and just plain hard to work with. My son tried to work with it, but kept getting frustrated with it.

I then decided that I would return the item. That was the same day my father was involved in an automobile accident in Florida and I had to rush down there (from PA) to be with him. Upon returning to PA on the 8th of January, I sent a return request to Prosource Wireless. I called them this afternoon (the 10th) after not hearing a response from them whereupon they told me I was past a 7 day return date and I would only be eligible for an exchange.

I don't want an exchange, I want my money back so that I can buy another tablet that is easier to work with. She then explained that even if I could return the product, I wouldn't get my money back on the battery and warranty and would even have to pay them 25% to restock the item! Are you kidding me? She didn't care about my situation and was completely rude to me.

All I want is to give my son a computer he can use - but now I'm stuck! I work hard in order to provide things for my family and it's companies like this that are crooked and out to rip off the customers.

I'm going to attempt to sell it on Ebay...but if I can stop atleast one customer from making the same mistake I did, then it will be worth the loss!

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Besides complaining to Florida's Attorney General at, they need more complaints before they'll do anything. I found a newspaper willing to do a story on Prosource but needs to hear more of our stories. I also found a news station that may do a story on them. There's strength in numbers!!! But we have to fight together!!!

Write me at;


I use my middle name Nancy


If you paid with a credit card, take it up with that company instead of the BBB.They have more clout with this rip off company because they are their income stream.

Your credit card company wants you to be happy with them, so they'll fight for you.Good luck.


I bought one of these too and don't have money to throw around.I reported it to the BBB but so far they have ignored them.

I understand your frustration, but I would not try to sell it on ebay to someone else unless I told them exactly what was wrong with it. The one I have does not have wifi even though it was supposed to have and the clock and date won't stay at the settings you change them to.

I think if I told somebody that, it would basically be useless and nobody would want to give anything for it.It's not fair to do the same thing to somebody else.

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