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I happened upon Prosource Wireless while looking for less expensive netbooks & tablets on the internet. (They advertised on Amazon, but I only later realized they were not affiliated...they advertise on this site too!) I purchased a netbook that was on sale for $58.88 and was sent a confirmation e-mail the next day requesting that I call them to confirm my purchase.

When I called, they sweet-talked me into an upgrade since the device I ordered didn't come with a charger (what?) and only had a 30-minute battery life. I agreed to another $41.11 for the upgrades to total $99.99. I received my order in the time expected; however, I could not browse the internet despite having a viable wireless connection. I called within 7 days to request assistance and was helped by a very condescending man who suggested that maybe I did not have the correct passkey to my wireless connection after walking me through all the steps that I had already taken in order to connect to the internet.

I reluctantly agreed to an exchange although I really wanted a refund. Two & a half weeks after sending it back priority mail, I was sent an e-mail that they would be processing my refund for $75. I e-mailed to ask how this amount was calculated & got a response to call. When I called, I spoke to Alan, who told me that the items were out of stock and thus could not be exchanged, and that there was "basically" a 25% restocking fee on all full returns, per policy, which is deducted automatically and beyond their control!

I said, "Even though it was broken?", and he said "Yes. It's our policy."

Luckily, I at least received most of my money back, unlike many others on this site, and learned a valuable lesson.

I only wish I had found this site before I made that purchase. If it sounds too good to be usually is.

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I have to send my purchase back as it does not work and I also wish I had found these comments before I ordered. First he tried to get me to take another item and then he said that this was only my real option as I was was beyond the return time even though it was only 7 days since I placed my order.

I eventually did get him to agree to refund my money but I guess I will need to wait and see if he tries to charge me a restocking fee even though they state a full refund if you are not satisfied for what ever reason within 14 days. I will also be reporting this company to the Florida BBB and to the states Attorney General.

In retrospect, this was a too good to be true deal. You live and learn.


"Alan" is the main scammer. REPORT THIS COMPANY AND SHUT THEM DOWN.


bought 7 inch mininetbook not only is it not wifi ready but it wont even connect directly to the internet there customer service rep wont return my calls or reply to my e-mails filed report with the florida BBB also filed a complaint with florida ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE FOR CONSUMER FRAUD

Springdale, Utah, United States #443970

I haven't received mine yet. But I saw this site after I ordered the 24th and he told me it was already shipped.

Hmm it's now the 6th.

He also told me it would be a 25 percent restocking fee. He is the most condescending man!!

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