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This company sucks. They're impossible to reach. They do not respond to emails. They don't answer the phone. They're customer service sucks. I paid $30 for my netbook to be overnighted and they haven't even sent me a shipment email - it's been 2 days!

I called them today and all they did was try to sell me more ***. They didn't give me a refund of my shipment and they wouldn't refund my money for the netbook they said would ship today when I should have received it yesterday - then they blamed it on my credit card company saying that they had to wait for the credit card company's approval!


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What happened to you was terrible!! They refuse to give refunds, but I will get my money back!!! We need more people to complain to Florida's Attorney General at www.myfloridalegal.com She won't do anything until she gets more comnplaints!!!

Also, I've been in touch with a newspaper writer about doing a story on Prosource, he won't do story without more complaintants. Will you please e-mail & tell him your story!! Jon Burstein from the Sun Sentinal at


Also I found an investigative reporter for the news that may be interested, I haven't heard from her. It's news channel 5 at

www.wptv.com , go to news then investigations and find Katie LaGrone. Maybe she'll help us. There is power in numbers so it's so important we all work together to get our money back!!! We all deserve justice!!! Some revenge would be nice too lol Keep in touch with me if you get anywhere will you, please? I'll e-mail you with any new info.

Take caree,


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