Hello All!

I have to say that after getting burned last year ordering online I was very concerned about ordering this year. Well this is only my second time ordering online. I ordered from www.prosourcewireless.com

It was a pleasure doing business with them. I can only hope all websites are as nice as these people. They answered the phone right away, and answered each and every question I had about these netbooks. It was a little trickey at first setting up the netbook, but Jim Higgins in customer support helped me. He was great!

I will continue to do business with them.

Thank you!

Dr Lulzworth

Monetary Loss: $94.

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Please listen to the warnings of the above consumers. Wish I had heard these warnings. I needed a computer quick, so when I saw the 79.00 notebook, I should have run for money.

Then after waiting for it two weeks I called and he talked me into adding 40.00 more dollars and it arrived without ANY of it. The piece of shameful rip-off didn't even work!! They play with you by pretending they are friendly and will give you your refund. I have been dangling on for over a month now.

I have always had confidence to order online, but this company has me making sure I order with PayPal or my credit card- because they will fight for your refund. I mean my full refund. There should not be a restocking fee if the merchandise is not what they claim!

They should be put out of business.

Will BBB put out a strong warning for consumers to NOT do business with them?


7 inch mini netbook that isnt wifi ready like advertised wont even hook to internet. there customer service dept.

wont answer calls or return e-mails this has been going on since 10/12/2011. filed complaint with florida bbb and the florida attorney generals office encourage everybody do this prosource wireless is a ripoff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





I had the same BAD luck like most of the postings. Mine did work either.


i don't work for the company nor do i own the company, BUT....i did buy 2 products from prosourcewireless.com and i'm very happy with them both. it's so funny to see people here writing negative comments (probably their competitors) and as soon as someone like me writes one great thing about them, everyone jumps down their throat.

that really sticks out like a sore thumb. if this is such an open forum, why can't i post a positive comment without the *** negative commentary?

there's an old saying in america: you get what you pay for. i paid a little over $100 and got a cool little netbook and tablet.

both connect to wifi.

end of story. sounds like a lot of negative PR to me.


This is a false review probably written by someone who works there. There's one exactly like it on another consumer complaint website where like 20 people have written negative reviews on them, it sticks out like a sore thumb...just like this one does.


I just filed a complaint against ProSource Wireless with the BBB. I feel so much better. I hope that r made to stop doing business.


Excuse me?! What r u smoking!

ProSource Wireless is a joke and all they do is rip people off. Run don't walk away from this company!


Ordered the 7 inch netbook and when i received it, it looked very cheap. I took it to Best Buy to have them help me figure out how to hook up wireless internet to it and that *** thing doesnt even have wireless capabilities like the description of the item said on the website.

The guy at Best Buy took one look at it and said, "Return this immediately because you got ripped off.

On top of that they sent me a NO NAME Brand laptop...wtf??? I bought another more reliable and REAL laptop from Dell, no thanks with the help of prosource wireless...never get my money again!


i just got my order i ordered 4 mini netbooks and when they got here they had scratches all over them two of them wouldnt even turn on and no wirless would connect at all they wont pick up the phone and just want to deal with me over email im ticked i fell for their scam:( :(


Stay away from these folks; I had a horrible experience. They are selling the cheap $94 Chinese-made netbooks that are junk and will not even work properly.

They are glad to sell these things to you & also will charge you a 25% "re-stocking fee" when you return the piece of junk to them.

They WILL NOT refund the battery and memory upgrades at all. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!


Its all lies like the ones on his website..


Sounds very much like an employee at ProSourceWireless.com


That sounds like a staged review if I ever heard one.

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