I am finally writing this because I am no longer upset. I purchased 3 mini net books last November for my 3 grandchildren for Christmas.

I got them in promptly and wrapped and put them under the tree. Christmas morning the kids were so excited until none of the computers were wifi accessible rendering them useless. I phoned Prosource and was assured they would right the wrong and would send wifi cards, after many calls and 4 weeks later those finally arrived. To no avail it did not work, I phoned once again and was terribly upset and told to be patient.

Yep, I had been patient for 3 months and not once did I talk to a customer service person that cared about the fact they were wrong and that the gifts I purchased were defective. So now I have 3 computers that are worthless and out over $400 and lots of tears and disappointment. I will once again give computers as gifts to my g-kids, but they will be name brands with a warranty.

Congrats to those who actually have had a good experience and to those who are looking to buy inexpensive computers, please save yourself some heartache and purchase elsewhere. QVC and HSN both have payment plans and have excellent computers.

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