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Earlier in January 2012, I was on another web sight looking for a 7" Android tablet and somehow without even knowing it I landed on Pro Source Wireless which seemed to have what I was looking for and I had done some research and the price seemed fair so I ordered it from them.A few days later I got an email from them asking me to call them, saying there was a problem with my zip code so I called, only to have someone talk me into buying an upgrade, that they had a special going on at that time.

The originally price was $106.49 and with the upgrade was $133.13. I don't believe there was ever a zip code problem because on my printed out receipt it was correct and I feel that was their way of getting me to call. Then I proceeded to wait what seemed like a long time so I decided to call them again to find out where my tablet was and I was put on hold for a long time, using up my daytime minutes, and finally someone answered and they made up another excuse and said it would be here by January 27th. Mind you, I live in the same state it was being shipped from so why would it take so long?!

When it finally arrived the screen was scratched so I called them right away and told them it would be in the mail the next day and I wanted my postage paid. Well, today is Feb. 11th and I just received another tablet today but they did not return my $15. plus for postage.

They said I failed to remove the screen protector. Well, it's their word against mine because there was no screen protector and I have family members that saw the scratches too and said there was no screen protector. I know they did not send back the same tablet but saying what they did, covers them in paying me back my postage. And after reading all these other complaints about them, I can see it will do no good to try and have my postage returned.

I just hope I don't have any other problems with it.

I will be calling the BBB about this company though!Live and learn and hope I can prevent even one person from being screwed over like I did!

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Dear Screwed Me Over,

tom hanks is right. The Florida Attorney General's website is They won't do anything without more complaints. I have a newspaper reporter interested in writing about ProSource but he needs more complaints. You can e-mail me at & I can give you his e-mail address. We have to band together to fight this company!!!! We all deserve justice!!


I use Nancy, middle name, too many Michele's


they did the same thing to me.i just called my credit card company and they refunded me in full.

i recommend for all of you to contact your credit card company and file for a dispute against these well as contact the state of Florida attorney generals office they are well aware of what these crooks do and all together we can take these scums down.

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