I purchase an Ebook from Prosource for a Christmas present I ordered it on November 28, 2011 and did not open it until Christmas. When I ordered it, it was supposed have been a wireless notebook, but not I kept trying to get it connected to internet, it had the wifi poweron icon but it was not wireless at all.

I am pissed because it suppose to have been wireless and was not and now that I am trying to return it because they sold me a faultious product and telling me it has a 90 day warranty and it has not been 90 days but they want me to pay 30 dollars deductible as they say to fix the product and put the wireless adapter in which it should have had one in it already. They sent no warranty information or instructions or phone numbers to contact if anything to happen to the product. I could see if it was past 90 days but it was not and they say I should have called sooner than I did but if you purchase a product it should work according to their specs, and all the specs was on paper what should have been on it but it was not.

So if you order something from this company make sure you get names and warranty information, now I have to pay to send a product back that does not work, I don't call that good business, because I did not make the mistake. I suggest don't by from them, go to the store because cheap don't always mean good service, you get what you pay for.

Monetary Loss: $79.

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We all need to join together!! There's a newspaper reporter who's willing to do a story on ProSource the scam artists!!!! Also I've contacted a news station reporter. Please contact Florida's Attorney General at www.myfloridalegal.com She refuses to do anything unless she receives more complaints. Apart we ccan't to much but there's srength in numbers!!! Contact me & I'll give you the info.



I use my middle name cause there's alot of Michele

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #438626

It is February I have been battling with ProSource Wireless for a month about my netbook I ordered Christmas and tired of the lies, they told me to send it back and they would exchange it, I paid $7.30 to send it back to their company, I did a tracking on the package, it was received one the 17 February and I called and they claim they have not received it and the postal said it was signed for at 10:07 am on the 17 February. I have been calling speaking to suppose to be representative of this company but get the same person name Allen everytime, telling lie after lie, the first time they would exchange it with wireless internet service adapter in it, I waited a couple of days they still processing it, they never sent me a confirmation of receipt of the product, or confirming that it was sent back to me.

I called on 27 Feb to find out that they had none in stock, and they would send me a refund and don't know what refund they would send me, I paid 79.99 for the product plus $30 deductible that they took out of my account for the return then to tell me afterwards they don't have the product. Their explanation was that they over sold their inventory, a good business would know when they stock inventory is low, I have a degree in Business and know about inventory process. Mind you they did not send me email or nothing that they did not have the product after the fact they sent me the wrong product and charge $30 dollars to send it back plus they have my 79.99 what I purchased the NetBook for, that is $ 109.99 they have of my money. I have not used the product at all.

So don't shop ProSource Wireless for any products, they say they are gonna make it right but that is false advertisement.

I know I want my money back. I am thinking or sueing the company for false advertisement and fraudelant sales.

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